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Salami – just dip!

You may already recognized that MOGUNTIA has developed from the underdog to the whipper. MOGUNTIA was one of the first companies on the market who renounced the addition of lactose and allergen ingredients for the production of raw sausages and at the same time compensated this completely in the ripening process. With BESSAVIT® Net and […]

PRINZENSCHMAUS® – the truthful heir apparent

With PRINZENSCHMAUS® MOGUNTIA butcher’s trade successfully placed a new brand on the market. Sales of the first 3 months allow us to expect great. Even if you have the opinion that the product segment of delicatessen jellies is exhausted, it is possible to find a gap to widen this niche even more. This is proved […]

Award of Excellence 2012 for MOGUNTIA institute of new technologies

Moguntia Ukraine joins together several competence centres with its new institute. This earns the award of excellence 2012. Moguntia Ukraina is one of the ruling companies in the Ukraine, which has specialized to food additives by introducing the newest technologies concerning sausage and food production. With a high level of professionality and technological innovative projects […]

Καινοτόμοι Σταθεροποιητές M50883 SAFTEX® Structurizer και M50830 SAFTEX® Economizer

Η Moguntia Food Group καινοτομεί με τους σταθεροποιητές για τα αλλαντικά.  Για προστιθέμενη αξία και τέλειο δάγκωμα δείτε τους νέους μας κωδικούς: Με το SAFTEX® Economizer μπορείτε να παρασκευάσετε τα καλύτερα αλλαντικά στην καλύτερη τιμή Με το SAFTEX® Structurizer μπορείτε να παρασκευάσετε αλλαντικά με υπέροχο τραγανό δάγκωμα. Για τέλειο δάγκωμα σε όλα τα λουκάνικα Ρωτήστε μας για περισσότερες πληροφορίες..